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Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is going to sound really bad. Maybe I shouldn't say it. But it's the truth. My confession today is...

I like to do crazy things to my body.

Don't get me wrong here and leave the page thinking you just came across another crazy person!!

For the most part actually 'altering' my body is not an option. Because of my beliefs (1), I will not do extreme things to my body because of the sacredness of the covenants I have made. Henna is the closest I've come to getting a 'tattoo' and the closest I will ever get. I have recently become kind of obsessed with Bollywood and that may have played a part in my crazy decision to participate...

Sadly it faded within a week...
One of my very dear friends (who got me hooked on Bollywood) joined in this activity and has now elicited my services as the artist for her next Hindi party.

All my life...I have lived with a body that was whole. The only holes in my body were the ones God blessed me with. As a church worldwide, we female Latterday Saints have been asked to only have one set of ear piercings and nothing else. Now my Momma decided before that counsel ever came, that we were not allowed to have piercings until we were 18 and could make a marginally rational decision about what to do to our bodies. By the time I turned 18, I hadn't really the desire to join the crowd and get my ears pierced. I liked being different.

One day years later, I was in Wal-mart (don't judge me for it...) and made a split decision to get my ears pierced.

Luckily I had an older lady doing it for me...who couldn't have possibly pushed the needle through any slower...
I love the diversity of earrings. I can express my particular style, mood, and craziness with my choice in earrings.

Probably the craziest thing I've ever done to myself on purpose and with a lot more thought than other crazy things I've done. I decided to wax my legs. I'm telling you now...this is probably the first time in my life...I've screamed in pain (assuming that yelling and grunts don't count). I did the strips the first time I did this and Ima tell ya. That hurt like nothing else I've ever known and I've been injured multiple times in sports and other activities. Since then I've learned that hard Brazilian wax, which is 85% less painful, is the way to go. I have waxed my legs a few more times and the results are so very wonderful.

Now to the awesome things I've done. Besides playing sports with all of my worth (diving, sliding, pushing, shoving) and putting myself in dangerous situations (hiking up the mountainside and coming down waterfall ravines in the rain...), I have done things people either admire or term crazy.

I did a polar plunge. I really don't think I need to say more.

Note to self: don't submerge...just dip...
To go along with that, we went up to a rope swing at Bloomington Lake, Idaho during the early summer. It is in fact a glacier lake with snow sitting off to the side halfway in the Lake.

Am I crazy? Possibly but I'm all right with it.

  1. If you want to know why I believe what I do go to this awesome site!
  2. First two pictures taken on my Mac (which you all can be jealous of, even you Matt) and the last was taken actually by a police officer on duty the night of the plunge.


Matt March 17, 2011 at 6:19 PM  

I almost didn't read this post because I thought I'd just come across another crazy person…

I've been to Lake Bloomington. We hiked four miles from Aspen Ridge Scout Camp. But that was nothing compared to the Polar Bear Plunge at Camp Loll (near Yellowstone, Wyoming).

The only Bollywood I've seen was Sholay and I didn't get into it. I like Japanese movies better.

Ashley Crook March 22, 2011 at 7:09 AM  

You know how crazy I am! But you love me! ;)

Japanese movies are depressing aren't they? Sholay looks depressing but I like to watch the happy ending type Bollywood movies!

Lake Bloomington wasn't nearly as bad as the Polar Plunge! We did it in Hyrum Reservoir and unluckily I went all the way under so I couldn't find my breath when I surfaced! But the funny thing is I didn't get cold until we got out of the water! Before that it was just numb!

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