Sleeping habits

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I've been noticing a few things upon waking to the sunshiney world morning after morning. Things that I must do in my sleep but of course am unaware of such actions as I am asleep. Thus I can only make guesses from information gathered after rising from slumber.

I rotate clockwise
(I basically unravel all my sheets in one direction and send them plummeting to the ground)

I switch places with my body pillow. 
(I wake up on the other side of my body pillow than originally arranged)

I somehow push the mattress away from the wall. 
(when making my bed faithfully every morning I have to push it back up to the wall so my pillows don't disappear into the black hole behind my bed)

I pretend to eat suckers
(Carrie, my roommate, tells me that she hears noises that sound like I'm sucking on a sucker or eating quite noisily)

I write music in my dreams and hum it to Carrie.
(Pretty self-explanatory...)

I sometimes remove items from about my person. 
(nothing scandalous, things like earplugs, socks, etc)

I'm a really light sleeper and always have been. All my roommates, siblings and most especially my lovely mother can attest to this. 

It's a wonder I can do all these without waking myself up. 
  1. This adorable picture of a little girl I found on google and the link to it was blocked I'm thinking because it wouldn't let me get to it to tag it so you all knew where it came from. But I hope the mother doesn't mind. Because let's be honest...I look awful when I sleep so this was a much better choice.


Matt April 1, 2012 at 8:11 PM  

"I pretend to eat suckers."

I know what's going on here: you're dreaming about kissing a boy.

Ashley Crook April 2, 2012 at 11:54 AM  

PAH HA HA HA!!! Oh dear. I don't have many of those kinds of dreams...

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