Who I am

Even if I were to write a string of novels on this subject, I doubt I could ever explain all of who I am. There is just too much that is me. But I will attempt to explain a little about myself so that you can understand where my writing comes from.

The first breath I took in this world was on the 30th day of March in the year 1989. I was introduced to life in a hospital in Afton, that sits between the mountains, in the beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming. My parents, Ben and Jackie, had six children between Wyoming and Utah, and I was the fifth to come into the family. They started with a son, had four of us girls, and then another son to sandwich it off.

I was brought up in a loving home with a faithful Momma and Daddy. My mother and I have always had an interesting relationship. We didn't get along for a good long while when I was growing up. However, she has been the person who has probably affected who I have become the most. She has always been an example of kindness, hard-work, and selflessness. My dad has always been my hero. He and I have very similar interests. I would say that I'm most like my dad in personality. He is always happy, optimistic, and faithful. He taught me to have love and respect for nature and its creatures.

I have an older brother, Matt, who is a genius getting his PhD in Microbiology and he was lucky enough to find and marry a woman, Leann, just as intelligent as he. Matt was always teasing me as a child and continues this tradition to the present day. He and I have the awesome big brother/little sister relationship and I love it. He was followed by three very talented sisters.

Rachel is an intelligent, kind lady who is a composer, a singer, an artist, a crafter, and a homemaker. She married a Payson man named Mike, who loves to run with unicorns. ;) Together they have two little daughters, Josie Olivia and Katie Alyssa. Rachel was always the peacemaker between the rest of us siblings and we needed it on many occasions. She is such an example of courage and love.

Melissa is the gentlest, most wonderful woman on the planet. She can sing, dance, crochet, sew, play the piano, and play sports like a mad cheetah. There isn't a man I've met worthy of her yet. We've become really close the last few years as we've lived together while going to college. She and I share such similar personalities that weirdness is normal for us.

The sister just older than me, Camille, is extremely intelligent and forthright. She can sing, dance, play the piano, craft, crochet, and lots of other wonderful things. She married Luke, who is now a military man. We have had many rifts and many bonding moments in our lives because we were bunkmates. This has made us very in tune with one another and we constantly have the same thoughts at the same time and even finish our sentences for each other.

This is where I fall. As you can see, I would be hard-pressed, and it is hard, to be as talented and amazing as the rest of them.

I was followed by Nathan, my little kiddo, my young brudder. He was the bane of my existence as a young'n but we are the best of friends now. He is a genius in the making with legs the length of telephone poles. He can play sports, sing, dance, play the piano and tuba, he can draw, and he is almost as good at wrestling as I am. ;)

That is my family in a nutshell.

I am surrounded by amazing, talented people all the time so it's hard for me to admit that I'm good at things. I enjoy drawing on occasion. I love singing and playing the piano. I love dancing like country swing, bollywood, and african dance. I do enjoy learning and reading. I've recently discovered a liking for writing. It's a nice outlet that's for sure. I love sports. Anything really. Frisbee, soccer, football, recently rugby, basketball, you name it. I really like doing things with my hands. I like to think that I'm a very down to earth person. I love being around people, getting to know them, and forming meaningful relationships with them. My most favorite thing in this world is the outdoors in summertime! I absolutely LOVE being outside. I love the sunshine and I love doing anything that involves outside. Hiking, camping, swimming, tree-climbing, mountain climbing, biking, etc.

I grew up in a little town called Willard, Utah. My sister, Camille and I have always been roommates in our house. This meant a lot of fighting, a lot of laughing, a lot of crying, and a lot of sharing. Out of all the girls in the family, I was the little tomboy. I loved gathering bugs and carrying them around with me. To this day I don't really get squeamish about insects or getting dirty. Camille and I would play Indians with the neighbors, squashing berries for poultices, stringing elm bark into bows and arrows that never worked. I was even the instigator for holding a mouse that our dog had caught, resulting in bitten, bleeding hands and a very worried mother. I held no fear for strangers and any unknown animals were instantly my friends. My biggest fear has and always will be to get hurt. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual I hate the idea of pain. I'm surprisingly resilient to illness and I recover quickly from injury (I'm fairly certain it's because I loathe pain).

I like to be strong and healthy. I like people to think that I'm tough. If I can make people think that I'm stronger than I really am, then they won't see me the way I see myself. Reverse Psychology. Having grown up with a family of Incredibles and coming up a little short in every aspect, I cannot look at myself with much pride or esteem. I don't hold a ton of self-confidence either. This is true for many girls near my age. But I find that the less amount of time I worry about appearing awesome, the more awesome I really am because the real me can't help but shine out. I don't know the real me. I don't know that anyone does besides my Maker.

But that's the real adventure now, looking into the corner's of my soul and seeing something beautiful.

Now for some tangible details. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I couldn't have a firmer testimony of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about my beliefs click on this awesome link. I'm currently attending school at Utah State University. It is my fourth (Senior) year attending, I have enough credits to be a Junior, I'm a Sophomore in my Major, and I'm a Freshman at heart. ;) I started out in the Bio Vet Science major wanting to become a Vet but then got my Certificate as a Vet Assistant for a year and changed to Ornamental Horticulture. I hope to get the education necessary to become a Landscape Designer. I love animals and I love plants and working with both. I currently work as a part-time High School Instructor in the Vet Assisting program at Bridgerland Applied Technology College.

The farthest I've been away from home is New York City. The coolest place I've ever been thus far is San Diego. The most awesome thing I've ever done was sing in Carnegie Hall. The greatest thing I've ever accomplished was to find my Savior. My greatest goal is to be a righteous mother and raise my children up to be righteous, honest people. I want to see the world and all its many cultures someday. I hope that I will live my life so that I can return to my Lord and Savior.


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