Sunday, August 28, 2011

My bag is packed. Selected and designed to get me to my journey's end.  I open the door. The first step is always the hardest, the leaving part. But yet not the hardest. The excitement for adventure in me makes it easy. I step onto the road to test my true endurance.

The road is long. I've known it for some time. Prepared in every way possible. But what awaits me, is beyond my comprehension. I've only heard stories and fairy tales of the place at the end of this road. I must get there. The desire in my heart and the strength in my soul begs me to reach out for it. Despite the promised dangers that lay in wait and the strain on my mortal body, I travel.

Thirsting and starving. Stumbling, weary, and travel worn. I stop. Only for a time. I am alone on the road. I find a stream heading the same direction I am. The cool water refreshes me and I eat my bread to strengthen me. The night is coming.

Much must be done to prepare myself for the long night. Shelter is thrown up and a fire lights a small circumference around me. I sleep for a time.

Noises coming from the dark. I've been taught to stay in the light. The creatures of the night don't bother with fire and its company. But sleep is hard to come by with the fear and anticipation of what lay beyond my eyes' seeing. The fear gathers inside me and I doubt the sun's rising. But just the slightest glimmer on the eastern horizon sparks hope in my heart.

The road stumbles me. My small torch only shows me so far ahead. Many times I climb huge obstacles and other times I walk sluggish through dense forest. But always my mind remembers where I'm going. And who will be there waiting.

I've reached the mountain. My destination lies beyond. With determination I reach up and take hold. My load weighs me down at times but it is essential for me to keep it close. Climbing requires all my strength and fortitude. Sometimes I run out. But Someone's hands push me forward or lift me up when I get caught.

Right now I must struggle on. The hardest part of my journey is stretched up before me. I have come a long way. But more is required if I am to reach this place. My heart yearns for it. Although my body is weak, strength will come.

Nothing can stop me but myself.

I'm like any other human being. Life is hard! Sometimes I wonder if I'll make it to my journey's end. But a light in my life has always been constant, always been there for me. Life is still hard but knowing that my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ knows my pain, my sorrows, my struggles, and my plain ol' human nature, gives me the strength to endure. Enduring is what is required of me. Sounds pretty simple when you put it that way. I cannot claim that I will always do what is right. I cannot claim even that I am not the one making my life harder for myself. But I can claim this. God lives. Jesus is the Christ and he atoned for my sins. He loves me and you. There is nothing more He wants than for us to return to His open arms. He lives. And through Him I find my strength. I urge you to seek His everlasting peace by visiting these sights: the official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and Mormon.org.

Sweet pics not of my own making
  1. Hiker at sunset from this cool guy's blog.


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