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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dreams, butterflies in the azure sky. Floating, lilting, playing in the soft downy clouds. Beautiful bright colors gleaming on their backs in the morning sun's rays. Nothing can reach them but a child on wings. Children are their caretakers, treating their fragile wings with gentle care and love.

Adults stay to the hard, cold ground to which they cling. They're really grown up caretakers that have stopped using their wings and grasped 'reality' tightly in their fists. Fear guides them now.

One such grownup child sits. She is small and few take notice of her. Her wings are broken. Her's is a lucky story however. She can still see the butterflies and her own wings. Most grownup children forget to look for either of them anymore.

Everyday she stares with hope and yearning at the beautiful orange butterfly dancing above her little spot on the ground. So close and yet so very far away. Her eyes shining and sparkling she beckons her desired treasure near. But it will not do. Dreams cannot get that close to the ground or they will die. And so each sunset ends with tears of sadness.

A little blond child stops and watches her reaching skyward with curiosity and compassion on his little smudged face. Gallantly, he offers his wings to her. Her excitement is beyond belief. She doesn't even notice his tattered clothes and matted hair.

She leaps into the blue. Her day in the sky is magical. She dances around clouds and amidst oceans of dreams and laughter. Her special friend is the little orange butterfly perched on her slight shoulder. Even as midnight colors and bright twinkling fairies blanket the sky, she wants to stay but the nice little boy must be missing his wings. She drifts down on fluttering wings to where he sits. His face is beloved to her now and always will be. With tears in her eyes she carefully hands the precious wings back to her savior. He kindly accepts.

He hands her wings to her. They are no longer broken. He has fixed them just for her. She wraps her arms around him in the best hug she has ever given. A small movement catches her eye. The little orange butterfly is falling to the ground from her shoulder.

The story goes that when a dreamer dreams, reality changes. If not for a dream, our world would be a dreary place. Where once was dismal, dank, and common, bright stars woven from spider's silk are spun. The naturals are young and unaffected. Painted stories and embellished tellings come from a dream's birthplace, an innocent child's mind.

Sadly star struck youth fades away. Dreams fall short. Reality just isn't big enough. Sporadic dreams remain untainted and kept safe. A happily ever after. A princess dress someday. A pony to ride on everyday. To become a dentist. To find a prince some day. To fly an airplane.

Maybe all it takes is someone to hand you his wings.

Sweet pics not of my own taking
  1. This AWESOME pic borrowed from Reasons to Smile (can we say appropriate!)


Matt September 1, 2011 at 11:30 AM  

Hmm...what about a grownup little boy who looks wistfully at that fallen butterfly, knowing that his sister and his wife don't approve of his dream to take that butterfly, stick a pin through it, and save it in his collection forever?

Ashley Crook September 6, 2011 at 6:36 AM  

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Oh dear! Matthew only you...only you!

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