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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes, especially for  short  people, seeing gets a little rough in certain situations.

In my life this is no different. Many times I have had to stretch to the very limit of my 5' 3" (on my tippy tippy top toes...) and other times I have needed assistance from those fortunate souls in the taller species of human.

Well it just so happens that at a particularly enthralling moment I needed to be rid of a large view-blocker that had stationed himself quite staunchly in front of me.

I pushed!!

I shoved.



And I even BIT him.

No luck. Well this is a problem. I can't get anywhere or see anything but this blockhead in front of me.


So I decided to just disappear him. Rather difficult if you ask me and seeing as to how BIG this guy is it will have to be an excessively LARGE space.

It takes a bit of time and concentration with all the galaxies of my imagination but it finally does the trick. He will probably miss out on this amazing view since he is no longer present.

His destination

Poor guy. Should've just moved.
Where I sent him
  1. Apparently it's not a dump...but it's good enough for me.


Matt May 15, 2012 at 2:25 PM  

So that's why you were glaring at me. Funny, though, since nothing happened. I'm still here…

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