The Ironical Thing

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How many times in life do we look back on a situation and say "Huh. That was pretty ironic."

Lemme clue you in on My Ironical Moment of the day. Duh duh duh!!

Five days ago, my phone (the very thing I used to connect to my family and friends, to the world itself, 24 hours of the day...) went KAPOOT. It's been acting up and not doing all that I wanted it to but it was sufficient. Until five days ago... So I've gotten by - using email, skype, facebook, and other mediums to contact my loved ones and reach out to the world.

This past week I was asked by my boss to house/dog sit while they were on vacation. I've been away from home a lot - so less contacting because of less access to those other things I was mentioning. I started using my watch (really minimalistic - no numbers or tick marks to show the different numbers) to keep track of the time. It's worked so far.

This morning as I was driving back to my home to get ready for church, I was running late so I kept checking the watch - which later turned out to be upside down so I wasn't as late as I thought...

I ran a red light...a red light that was a green light for the gentleman I ran into. Oh you know the kind of running into that you do when you see someone at the grocery store and you catch up on each others' lives!

Well and our cars also happened to run into one another. Luckily not hard but enough to move some panels around. My car seemed to give more than his older Toyota but we exchanged info promising to get in touch with each other very soon.

All those times we are admonished to not look at your phone while driving. A phone would have been the better option here - analog clocks are real hard. That is the irony.

The IRONICAL MOMENT. But hey, at least my car made a friend today! Always look for the positive in a situation. That's my motto!


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