Rhythm of the earth

Friday, June 24, 2011

The summer sun beats, heat pounding our souls. Cotton balls float across the air like warm snow, glowing from the light of the sun. Hollow echoes from djun djuns and the drummer's lively passion seeps into the earth.

Bodies sway to the summer rhythm coming up from the earth. The drummers sit in a half moon, surrounding us with the beat. Our feet start to pound into the dry hard earth to her beat. Dust swirls around our ankles and the trees quiver at the earth's pounding. The drums reach their fevered pitch, my heart falls in step with the heated rhythm. Life beats through the drummer's fingers.

What started as a slow sway has now changed to leaping feet and swinging arms. Earth, sun, dancers, drummers, all become one in rhythm.

Worldly cares are thrown aside to be picked up later when my world isn't occupied by the beat.

Swaying to the beat

  1. This freakin awesome photo was graciously allowed by this great website.
  2. I took an African Dance class three semesters in a row and loved every minute of it! My teacher is so fantastic and always looked for ways to make the class enjoyable and enlightening. Thankfully she invited me to help with a performance so that during the summer time I could participate in the awesome dancing and the fantastic live drummers.


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