A word on being cut open

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 am. That's when I have to be there. 

NOT when I have to open my eye lids to a dark world.
NOT when I have to awake myself and arouse my faculties. 
NOT when I have to take a shower to scrub the special antibiotic soap all over my bacteria-ridden body. 
NOT when I have to prepare myself for my doom.
NOT when I have to leave my home to get to the hospital. 

I'm the first 'case.' That's right. The lucky girl that arrives at 6 am. 

6 am. Oh how I haven't missed you. Lucky for me, I get to be knocked out for a couple of hours to make up for it. That's when they cut me open. Yup. Like in the child's game, Operation. 

Tools needed...true story

Only for real. 

Due to many hilarious stories of delirious post-anesthetic behaviors, I'm leaving my phone in the care of my beloved mother who will be sane and drug-free at all times. She will be in possession of the device whilst I am in a drug-induced craziness. Until such a time that I can coherently converse with you lovely peoples.

SO nothing too scandalous if you please. It's my mother who'll be reading them. Just sayin.

Operational pictures
  1. From these peeps.


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