Leaning tower of bracelette

Monday, February 21, 2011

I am a bracelet queen. Bracelets are kind of my thing. If it's roundish and fits my wrist...I'll take it. I've been told that because of this fetish I am a hippy child. Whatever the reason, I wear a menagerie of bangles on my wrists, heavy on the left side. These make up only half of the bracelets in my ownership.

From top to bottom:

  • EFX neoprene surfer's band
  • A large colorful handful of crazy bands, shapes include: unicorns, fairies, magic lamps, dragons.
  • Some fake, but really sweet pearl bracelets
  • Two Support The Troops bands
  • Awesome sauce handmade Argentinian bracelet
  • A wire and rubberband made by Tanner Lewis
  • Slap bracelet with "I <3 JESUS" found in the Joann's parking lot
  • Polar plunge bracelet from doing the 2011 polar plunge
  • Another pearl bracelet...separated from the others
  • Bridgerland Applied Technology College memo band (my place of employment)
  • Green and purple pipe cleaner bracelet made by yours truly
  • Big thick green PEACE bracelet attained from Rue 21
  • A fantastic Green Earth band
  • Lots of turquoise beady bracelets
As you can see in the picture I also have another bracelet taking residence on my wrist. A double EFX band for balance and serenity.

The bracelets that have permanent residency on my wrist: a baseball seam tied to fit my wrist from a baseball in a park, a horse hair bracelet from my horse Rho, usually a hair band for wayward hair, and a friendship bracelet I made for myself. I have multiple bands for charities and causes that occupy my jewelry box at home. And I just made a purchase of rope bracelets from Downeast Basic. I plan to continue to add to my already abundant collection of bracelets and bands and bangles until I feel that it is complete.

Which will be never.

Coolness and stuff...
  1. Picture of historic-ness provided by my computer, my hand/arm, and Gimp.


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