Despicable Kidnappers

Thursday, October 20, 2011

After a long grueling lab I decided to purchase a gallon of lovely fresh pressed apple cider.


The rich copper color of the cider and the sloshing of the spiced drink made my mouth water. Oh boy! I couldn't wait to get home and drink the deliciousness.

But as is life, things came up: the car required some nourishment, a friend needed a vent session, and my tummy reminded me of its emptiness...and my cupboards' emptiness (i.e. a Lee's run was needed). I got sidetracked.

As I made a quick list in my head of the items I required for my tummy (milk being the main one) I recalled my recently acquired refreshment. Exclaiming foolishly among thirsty roommates of my apple excitement, their departure unluckily was quicker than mine.

My cider went missing.

Frantic, I searched the back seats, the floors, my dash, under the seats, everywhere! To no avail.

With the fury of Hurricane Katrina, I informed my roommates of their eminent death. Assuring them of this I began formulating my revenge.

It will only be returned to you with the return of love and affection...

Forgiveness for such a despicable crime was a far away thought for me. But with every intention of coming to real feelings of forgiveness I informed the guilty party of assuredly good feelings between us once again.

Or perhaps I should've asked for more from you. Like 'the Diamond!!'
At that moment the door opened and my precious freshly pressed apple cider was returned to my waiting arms. My throat is a happy thing again.

Pictures provided by Carrie Miller...the Despicable kidnapper.


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