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Friday, December 16, 2016

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My roommate has a cat. Her name is Bea. (THIS IS NOT BEA)

Bea and I have an interesting relationship. Having worked with animals with malleable manners (parrots, dogs, horses, pretty much everything else), it has always miffed me this cat thing.

No pecking order. No Alpha. Just independent-un-caring-of-authority felines.

Let's be real though. There's a certain amount of respect that cats will lend you if you:

A. Perform some great act of hunter prowess (i.e. kill the string)
B. Manage to provide them a comfortable sitting/cuddling space
C. (This is the big one) You maintain eye contact...until the cat is forced to look away.

I'm generally able to perform in all categories. But the latter is my forte if you will. Bea cannot seem to get that I am the champ. She will try to start the contest when I am not currently looking. Therefore invalid.

But for the record, I'm the reigning champion.


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